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Team Play First started out by Webzter, Teatime and some other PF Forum regulars wanting a way to find each other using Kali and GS when playing TFC. They used the tag as a means of finding other players who played the game. The ideals of TPF thus were born, the tag quickly not becoming just an acronymn for convenience sake but a symbol of the ideals which those players wearing it lived by. TPF means that you, as a player, work for the benefit of your team over all else. It means you help your teammates, you play with honor, you respect your team as well as the enemy. TPF promotes helping newbies, so that the “(1)Player” that is running around clueless today does not become the TK’ing llama you hate tomorrow. There are many more statements that could be attributed to what TPF stands for, but the above is the founding principles and is agreed upon byall that are truly TPF. With well over 1,000 members current or past members, TPF has taken on many different meanings to many different people. Some are correct and some are far off the mark. What can be said is that TPF strives to play the game the way it was intended to be played, and to be a good teammate in the process. TPF, init’s purest and most idealistic form, is a player who plays with honor, good sportsmanship, fairness, a helpful attitude towards the newer players and a high priority on working with their team. No one player will ever succeed completely in acheiving this goal, but the point is that by wearing the TPF tag you are saying “I will try!”.
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